Change a Habit

The Navigators intentionally reach out to others for Christ. Often, for many of us, that does not happen naturally at first. Sometimes God uses a person to prod or encourage us to step out in faith. Or He convicts us to change a habit and take a risk.

That was true for Vivian, a freshman pre-med student involved with Charly and Christina Sommers’ Navigator ministry at the University of Cincinnati (UC).

Change a Habit

Vivian comments, “I came to know Christ my freshman year of high school. This past school year at UC, God has molded me continually. I met a group of Christian girl friends at the beginning of this school year. We love one another and enjoy our fellowship together.”

“However, we were a clique. Eating meals with these Christian friends almost every day was a fun and comfortable habit. But I realized that we had lost sight of God’s vision for us, which is to go and make disciples of all nations. The Spirit convicted me. Change was needed.”

“Meredith, Shelbye and I agreed to reduce the number of meals we ate together by about half.  Our goal was to initiate and eat some meals with new people. Once we started, it was difficult! But the Lord helped me. When I would intentionally reach out and eat a meal [in the dorm cafeteria] with a new student, it was a great experience! I’ve developed some new friends and want to also help them find Christ.”

“Changing this habit truly changed my path. Some of my Navigator friends observed our choices and made similar ones as well! The Navigator family at UC has been a big blessing to me, and God is using us for His glory and His kingdom.”

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