Argentina – He Truly Cares

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When I first met her, Carla wouldn’t let me near her. She was only three years old and had suffered from abuse before coming to live in an orphanage, the home of a godly pastor and his wife. After an hour with me, she finally let me hold her, but she sat in my arms silent and unsmiling.

On our second visit to the orphanage, I held Carla again, and she gradually began to smile, then to speak. I know she warmed up quickly because of the work this amazing couple is doing! Running an orphanage has not been easy for them, yet I was amazed by the many stories of how God has provided! One year, as winter was approaching, most of the kids didn’t have coats and there was no money to buy any. Then, a representative from a children’s store appeared at the door and asked to donate some clothes. The donation turned out to be 25 boxes of brand new winter clothing — including coats!

In God’s provision for the orphanage, I saw how much He truly cares for His children ­— especially for those who are helpless!

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