Uncertain Spirits

“When we are in a real bind and we are afraid, we cry out, ‘Angels, please help me! Gods and goddesses, please rescue me! Mother Earth, help me!’” Lien* shared the beliefs she had learned from her family with a book group facilitated by a NavMissions worker. “People don’t know what will help them,” said Lien, “so they cry out for protection to the ground or spirits. The Creator is a mystery. People call out to what they can see.”

The belief in the unseen spirit world is made visible with offerings of fruit, drinks, and incense left around town, including offerings at the base of a tree just outside the doors of a hospital. These tangible offerings are a way that people plead for help, however uncertain.

After discussing faith, death, and the afterlife in a Nav Bible study group, Jun*, who is usually cheerful, soberly shared, “We Buddhists have faith, but we don’t really know. But you (Christians) are certain.”

By working, living, and engaging in their community, NavMissions staff in Buddhist areas are visibly demonstrating the love and care of Jesus. Pray that God will continue to orchestrate meaningful conversations in study groups and one-on-one relationships, so that those who are uncertain can find the assurance of the true God and Creator.

*Names changed.

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