DFD: Design for Discipleship Series

For 50 years, our bestselling Design for Discipleship series has offered millions of new and experienced believers a chance to learn firsthand what it means to be a modern-day disciple of Jesus. Every study can be used individually, in one-on-one discipleship, or with small groups.

The Design for Discipleship Series Bible study series by NavPress has been the best-selling discipleship course for over 25 years. Recently updated with interactive, discussion-prompting questions and quotes from Christian leaders, it can be used on your own or in a small group. This Bible study will give you insight and encouragement to help you grow in Christ and help others do the same.

These field-tested Bible studies offer interactive, discussion-prompting questions that inspire and nurture growth toward Christian maturity. There are seven studies in the series and a leader’s guide. Go in order or choose the topic that best fits your need.

Design for Discipleship Series

DFD 1: Your Life in Christ

In Your Life in Christ, you’ll discover what comes with a saving relationship with Jesus through four Bible studies:

  • God Cares for You
  • The Person of Jesus Christ
  • The Work of Christ
  • The Spirit within You

DFD 2: The Spirit-Filled Follower of Jesus

In The Spirit-Filled Follower of Jesus, you’ll discover how a relationship with God takes shape through five Bible studies:

  • The Obedient Follower of Jesus
  • God’s Word in Your Life
  • Conversing with God
  • Fellowship with Followers of Jesus
  • Witnessing

DFD 3: Walking with Christ

In Walking with Christ, you’ll discover how a relationship with God deepens through five Bible studies:

  • Maturing in Christ
  • The Lordship of Christ
  • Faith and the Promises of God
  • Knowing God’s Will
  • Walking as a Servant

DFD 4: The Character of a Follower of Jesus

In The Character of a Follower of Jesus, you’ll discover what it looks like when your life is rooted and established in Christ, through five Bible studies:

  • The Call to Fruitful Living
  • Authentic Love in Action
  • Purity of Life
  • Integrity in Living
  • Character Development in Suffering

DFD 5: Foundations for Faith

In Foundations for Faith, you’ll discover what the Scripture says about five essential Christian themes:

  • Who Is God?
  • The Authority of God’s Word
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • The Return of Christ

DFD 6: Growing in Discipleship

In Growing in Discipleship, you’ll discover what a life of following Christ looks like through five Bible studies:

  • What Is a Disciple?
  • The Responsible Steward
  • Helping Others Find Christ
  • Establishing
  • World Vision

DFD 7: Our Hope in Christ

In Our Hope in Christ, you’ll learn the art of personal Bible study by working your way through the five chapters of 1 Thessalonians, including a survey of the whole book and a summary of what you learned as you studied it.

DFD Leader’s Guide

The Design for Discipleship Series Leader’s Guide will help you enter each session of DFD with confidence, understanding the objectives and moving people from individual understanding to lived practice and mutual support.

Additional Languages

The Design for Discipleship series is also available in the following languages:

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