Navigators Neighbors

Navigators Neighbors helps people love their neighbors, family, and friends. They believe that people and the places they live are important and that God transforms not only individuals but whole communities. 

Starting with those who don’t yet know Jesus, Neighbors and their friends reach out to others and disciple those who want to follow Jesus. Then those disciples can, in turn, disciple others—generational ministry. As Jesus’ influence spreads, people see their extended family, relational networks, neighborhood, and community transformed.

“Jesus ‘moved into the neighborhood’ (John 1:14, The Message). We can join Him as He is moving today in our neighborhoods and communities. We lean into the places God has purposefully planted us, pay careful attention to how God is working there, and join Him in reflecting and championing Kingdom values of reconciliation and renewal.”

Bob Adgate, Navigators Neighbors

Navigators Neighbors envisions a movement of ordinary people who embrace the neighborhoods right where they are planted.