Zambia – The God Who Does Miracles

 The Navigators

“All things are possible with Me,” God said to my heart as we walked along the dirt paths of a Zambian village. My team and I approached a small mud hut, where a woman sat.

Her name was Irene, we learned through translators from a local church. Her situation seemed hopeless and it was surreal to sit on the dry ground near her and hear her life story. Unable to walk her whole life, she and her children live off of the vegetable garden she cares for and the goats that wander near their home.

We asked if she had heard of Jesus. “I’ve heard He is the God who does miracles, but I’ve never met Him,” Irene said. She and the translator talked for a long time, until the translator turned and told us that she wanted to pray. “What does she want to pray for?” we asked.

“She wants to pray for salvation! She wants to meet Jesus!” So we shared the gospel with her, and prayed. Afterwards, we shared John 5:24 and told her, “This is who you are now! Crossed over from death to life.”

The smile that came afterwards brought tears to my eyes! It was amazing to see God care for the individual, even the lowliest in the middle of rural Africa, enough to send some least ones from America to share Jesus with her! All things are possible through Him!

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