Uganda – Spiritual Generations

 The Navigators

Rogers is a student leader in the campus ministry at Makerere University. I was energized by his eagerness to grow from the day that I met him. He immediately expressed his desire to learn more about the practical details of sharing his love for Christ, and we became good friends as we met many times each week to share the gospel with students in the dorms. I was amazed at Rogers’ growth in skill, heart, and vision as we spent time sharing our lives and our love for Christ with students.

In one of our evening times together, I suggested that Rogers be more intentional with a younger student, Elijah. I saw an opportunity in these two for mutual encouragement, and I was thrilled at the idea of Rogers pouring all he’s learned into a brother in Christ.

Rogers sent me an e-mail after I returned to the States to report that he and Elijah had agreed on getting together two nights each week to share the gospel in the dorms. It was just as Rogers and I had done! I realized that it’s not always about hundreds coming to Christ every moment of ministry—but there’s a richness in watching God develop His people in Uganda so that through them, hundreds will come to know Him.

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