Surfing as Ministry in San Diego

Gabriel Vigil, Navigators Collegiate staff at University of California, San Diego (UCSD), shares what it’s like to be a disciplemaker while surfing the waves in this “Surfing as Ministry in San Diego” video.

The following transcript has been edited for clarity.

“Right now we are right across the street from Scripps Institution of Oceanography (UCSD). And right past that is Scripps Pier and the beach, and then Black’s (Beach) is that way and La Jolla Shores right here. We’re right on the coast of San Diego.

James and I are about to go surfing and have a good time. We are both amateurs at surfing, but we’re gonna have a blast and hopefully catch some waves.

So I think with being on campus, a lot of the days and hours meeting students, a lot of the students get very wrapped up in school, work, and internships. I think surfing has been really helpful to take some students out of that environment or continuous focus and grind.

Some of the guys we’ve been able to get out here on the waves we’ve had really good conversations spanning from relationships to a certain Scripture or verse. We talk about life and enjoy time together. 

I think that’s been huge with building relationships one-to-one, where we’re in the Word—which is awesome and great—but also getting to experience God’s creation and life together and do fun things!

We’re right here next to the beach and a lot of the students have never surfed before. That’s a big reason the students say, ‘Before I leave college I gotta surf at least once!’ It’s been a sweet time and we’ve had some sweet moments with new students and even old students.”

Discipleship Tip:

Who are the people you hang out with when you’re out doing something you enjoy? Think of questions you could ask them that might help you get to know them better the next time you’re together. Pray for an opportunity to share more about your relationship with Jesus. Ask the Lord to help you see the opportunity and for the courage to step into it.

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