Southeast Asia: Sea Tribes – Testimonials

 The Navigators

“One of my biggest highlights that surprised me was our relationships with the hosts. They were incredibly encouraging as the only other Christians we were with, and did a great job leading and relating to us.”

“We lived with those to whom we ministered, and our ministry was our lives. I was given the privilege to pray for and bless an Islamic family in Jesus name.”

“The hosts’ philosophy of missions is very unique, and yet the way missions should be done—by simply living among people.”

“I learned how the values of His Kingdom can be involved in every single conversation I have with people.”

“I learned to be intentional in my relationship with Him and with my friends and family. Pushing people to challenge themselves & to dig deeper.”

“This trip challenged my view of missions, and challenged my views on how things should be done. I learned how to interact with different cultures.”

“This is an absolutely incredible trip and mission. It isn’t just something we study for and can apply for only a month. The whole idea of intentional, purpose driven conversations is such an overlooked yet perfect tool for building faith-centered relationships.”

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