Physical Darkness into Spiritual Light: When Amber Met Jesus

What would you do if a young woman who is blind sat down next to you as you were discussing the story of Jesus healing a blind man?

It took our group a few minutes to sense it may not have been a coincidence that Amber sat down with us when she did. She was on her way out of the student center and we happened to be sitting in her favorite circle of chairs, so she asked if she could join us while she finished up working on something. I don’t think she realized she was sitting in on a guys small group Bible study, but the more the merrier, we thought!

Physical Darkness into Spiritual Light: When Amber Met Jesus

As we continued discussing John chapter 9, I wondered how we could invite Amber into this unique conversation. After many unsure looks among us guys, I asked her if she had ever heard this story and if we could read it to her and ask her a few questions. “Really?” she said. “OK.”

After reading, we asked Amber how her experience with losing her sight affected her view of God. “I know there’s a higher power,” she said. “I used to see. I think if I did it once then I could do it again.” Amber could see in black in white until she was 14 when she lost her sight completely, except for shapes and shadows.

We continued to ask what she thought about Jesus seeking not only to heal the man, but restore a relationship with him. “Honestly, I would really like that. I just don’t know how to build that relationship.” Then Amber’s face tightened and she began to cry. “I have so many issues with acceptance and abandonment,” she said. We assured her we certainly had issues as well, but that just as Jesus did in the story, He had initiated a relationship with each of us, and perhaps tonight He was initiating with her.

It was a very emotional moment for Amber and she seemed too undone to respond, but she spoke out loud to God and asked for His help. We prayed with her and got her contact info to stay connected.

We gave Amber’s information to Kimberly, a committed student in the Navs community, who met with her to hear her story more intimately and get to know her. During that lunch, Amber gave her life to Jesus! What that means completely and how life with Jesus works is uncharted territory for Amber, but she is learning! We’re looking forward to walking together with her through hurt, shame, and brokenness, into healing, hope, and joy.

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