Middle East – Love and Reconciliation

 The Navigators

“Muslims are my only friends,” Sami said when I met him on a summer trip in 2006. “Jesus has nothing to do with my life.” Five years before this, he was a vibrant and committed follower of Jesus. Then circumstances in his church left him and his entire family embittered. Sami left his previous friends and spiritual co-laborers to live, work, and fellowship in the Muslim community.

Touched by the Lord, one member of our team demonstrated sacrificial love to Sami in an act of reconciliation. Partly as a result of this action, as well as by the grace of God and the prayers of believers, Sami renewed his commitment to Jesus. One of his Muslim friends even began following Jesus, too.

This summer, on a return trip, we met a new and refreshed Sami. For two days he hosted us and had us meet and encourage his new believing friend. He even gave us an unexpected opportunity to share our own stories of faith with some friends who didn’t know Jesus!


  1. What if Islam is right and y’all need to embrace the grace of Allah? Have you considered going to the Middle East to yourself convert?

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