Living on The Edge

The EDGE Corps is a Navigator ministry that asks recent college graduates who are passionate about the Gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom to make a one- to two-year commitment to reach out with the Gospel to the more than 21.6 million students on U.S. college campuses today.

What is God doing through these young, godly leaders? Here are a couple of snapshots of lives lived “on the edge” on college campuses.

I was able to teach The Bridge Illustration® [a Gospel presentation] to a group of students and challenge them to share it with someone else. One student, Brendon, shared it with his roommate who told him he wasn’t interested in a relationship with God. But when this roommate returned after being gone for the weekend, he and Brendon talked some more and the roommate told Brendon that he did want to have a relationship with God. So Brendon was able to introduce him to Jesus!

Lauren occasionally came to my Bible study. But last year I spent more time with her and learned she hadn’t trusted Jesus. Over a few months God significantly changed her heart. She decided to follow Jesus and turned away from sin that was holding her back. Now, women in her sorority house flock to her wanting to know what caused her drastic lifestyle change, and the source of her joy. I’m so encouraged by what God is doing in and through Lauren as we study the Word, prepare follow up plans, and pray for the women in her sorority house!

These are just two of the many stories of what’s happening. You can find out more about EDGE Corps here.

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