Just Ask and Tell

At our spring Navigators retreat, I was struck by how I am sometimes selective in who I share with—I asked God to allow me to be used by Him to share the Gospel with whomever He places in my path.

After the retreat, Dean “happened” to tag along to our Navs fellowship night with two other midshipmen. Our worship time was powerful and then Teresa shared her testimony. She said, “I am so happy that I can be born twice and die once, rather than be born once and die twice.” I know people were thinking deeply about her statement as she repeated it.

After the meeting, Dean asked if we could talk. He told me that all of this information about Jesus was new to him and that he was confused. I asked him what he knew about Jesus Christ and the Bible. Again, he told me he didn’t know very much at all. My next question just flowed from my mouth without pause, “May I share the story of Jesus Christ with you?” He said “Yes”!

I spent the next 15 minutes sharing the big picture of the story of God, from Genesis through Revelation, emphasizing our salvation by grace through faith in Jesus. We were quiet for a little while after I shared with him. The next question I asked was, “Would you like to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior right now?” He said, “Yes!” We bowed our heads and prayed to God, and Dean trusted Jesus as Savior and Lord!

That night I saw God use me for the first time to bring a man to Himself. That night a man was born again. God answered my prayer and showed me how powerful He truly is as my Savior. Through the retreat, God told me not to be selective with His Gospel and to go ahead and share His Good News with whomever he placed in my path—this just happened to be Dean.

Note: Names changed

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