Japan – I, too, Can Trust in Christ

 The Navigators

When Ya-Kun first came to our student club, personal problems weighed him down, and he hated his life at the university. He had few friends, struggled to fit in socially, and often made inappropriate remarks in groups.

In our group, staff and students lovingly accepted Ya-Kun as they spent intentional time with him and listened to his hurts. Initially, he felt suspicious of the Bible and considered it to be a dangerous religious book, but the more he read it, the more Jesus began to impress him. As his perspective on life changed, Ya-Kun began to wonder if he, too, could trust Christ.

One September day, after a trip with a friend and a meaningful discussion with his mother, Ya-Kun put his faith in Jesus. It’s difficult to believe that he’s the same young man I met nearly two years ago! His heart is cheerful, his tongue more calm, and his interest in others is genuine and loving.

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