Evangelism Out of the Overflow of Our Hearts

A lot of people experience religion as a list of “to do’s.” Most of us have felt at times that we should do more: pray more, read the Bible more, or do more evangelism.

This is not a recent phenomenon. The religious leaders of Jesus’ day built a heavy religious framework that burdened people. Jesus contrasted those leaders’ approach with God’s intent for us to enjoy a fulfilling relationship with Him: “Instead of giving you God’s Law as food and drink by which you can banquet on God, they package it in bundles of rules, loading you down like pack animals” (Matthew 23:4 MSG).

Our approach to God can easily become a burden of doing more and more. Even as we relate and minister to others we may be tempted to make a “to do” list.” But what if we approach our relationship with God as the banquet Jesus described? This is where evangelism transforms.

The fragrances beckon us, making our mouth water in anticipation. The table is beautifully laid with dishes of nutritious, satisfying, and delicious delicacies. We sit down and simply enjoy. It’s so delicious we invite others to join us, and the company and conversation is enriching, too.

When I came to faith in college, I developed an appetite for God—reading, studying, and memorizing the Bible. It was like a banquet for me.

I spent a lot of time in the Gospels and it was almost as if I were walking those dusty roads with Jesus. In the person of Jesus I began to see how I was to live my life. I was influenced by the students around me who were sharing their love for Christ and letting their lives be transformed by Him. Soon, I too was reading the Scriptures with friends in my dorm who didn’t know Jesus, because I wanted them to experience the wonderful thing I was experiencing.

Our Navigator motto for the last 80 years has been: “To Know Christ and to Make Him Known®.” When we “do” Bible study, memorize Scripture, and have daily devotions, we do it in order to know Jesus better—and to be able to pass delight in Him on to others.

Post by Doug and Pam Nuenke -

National Leadership

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