Emily’s Faith Decision

When Emily described her decision to follow Jesus last year, she said it was like being “ready to jump.”

Emily, a student at Arizona State University, told her Navigator leader, Sarah Short, “Faith is like being a little kid at the edge of a pool. You know that when you jump in, someone will catch you, but you still have to jump.”

Emily's Faith Decision

This “jump” came after two years of meeting with Sarah and attending Navigator campus meetings. “She has wrestled with questions about the Bible and faith,” Sarah says. “When I asked her what has kept her from ‘jumping in,’ she explained it was fear of the unknown and unanswered questions.”

Then one day, during a trip to the beach at Oceanside, California, with Sarah and some other Navigator friends, Emily told God she didn’t need all the answers. “This showed me how much God has been working on her fears and her heart,” Sarah says. “He has been pursuing her and waiting for her to respond. There is no greater joy than knowing this dear woman has given her heart and life over to Christ, the lover of her soul.”

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