Disciple: Be One, Make One Podcast: Evangelism and Discipleship Episode

Disciple: Be One, Make One is a podcast for everyday followers of Jesus who want to grow as disciples and learn to help others do the same. Our goal is to bring clarity, inspiration, and practical help to the calling of making disciples.

Young Mixed race millennial man listening to a podcast while wearing headphones, walking down a city street.

Join us as we hear the stories of people who have grasped the vision of discipleship and given their lives to it. Learn how God has led them on a path of sacrifice and joy, confusion and trust, as they discovered that the cost of discipling others is worth the price.

Episode: “Evangelism and Discipleship”

In this episode of Disciple: Be One, Make One, Peter Trautmann, Navigators City Director for New York City, gives practical ways you can share your faith with those around you and be an influence in today’s culture. His encouragement and wisdom will help you take your next confident steps as a disciplemaker wherever God has you.

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