Croatia – Hearing of the love of God

 The Navigators

Ali was hired to help us cook for the 21 campers. She is the daughter of a woman who has been a part of The Navigators ministry for many years. However, Ali was not very interested in the faith of her mother and seemed, on the surface, uninterested in the discussions of the English/Bible camp. Slowly as the week went on, Ali became more and more connected with the activities of our group, as well as a bit more open to discussions with different individuals. On the last day of our camp, she was weeping outside of our meeting area, sitting alone. As I went over to talk with her about what was going on, she began to share with me that something happened to her that week. She was watching all of us get along so well, talking of real life issues, serving each other and truly caring for each other. God was definitely speaking to her about her world view. What was amazing was, it wasn’t just one thing, or one person, but the experience of being around a team of people loving and caring for her and each other that really impacted her heart.

I talked with Ali for a while and we read some passages from the Bible together. Then, I prayed with her as we walked around the camp for a while. Ali has few places to meet with believers or hear of the love of God. I’m still praying that that moment of God’s impact on her heart will stay with her as she struggles to know God’s plan for her life.

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