Central Asia/ Middle East – Overcoming Fear

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When I arrived in their home, my Muslim host family seemed suspicious of me coming from a different culture and belief system. They respected my faith, but I couldn’t see any spark of interest or desire to know more about Jesus.

I felt apprehensive then, but it became even more awkward when one of our team members began sharing the Bible with Yasmin, a student in the school where my host mother, Ela, was a supervising teacher. Ela questioned me about their discussion when we got home.

Later, Ela picked up my Bible and started reading from it and asking me questions. I struggled with the fear that she was just not trusting of me. After several friendly conversations with Ela about God and Jesus, though, I decided to give her a Bible on my last day in their house.

Ela was ecstatic!

She told me that when she heard my teammate sharing with Yasmin, her curiosity got the better of her. Ela had secretly asked Yasmin about her Bible and had asked her to get one for her. It was amazing to see that God was at work in Ela’s heart—I just need to trust Him!

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