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 The Navigators

The nurses frantically tried to put gloves on my hands. The first pair ripped. The second were put on backwards! A baby was about to be delivered and we were rushing to prepare for the procedure.

Talk about a first day to remember. After a tour of the facility, Dr. Felix, a Navigator originally from Nigeria, called me into the delivery room where a woman was about to give birth. “Great, I get to watch an actual delivery!” I said, assuming that I was going to observe Dr. Felix deliver the baby.

Suddenly, I heard from the English speaking nurses that the baby was crowning!

Before I knew it, I was pushed in front of the delivery table and told to grab the baby’s head. By the end of it, I had delivered a baby girl!!

I witnessed the breath of life from God as the baby was delivered. The whole delivery room turned into a room of praise, worship and prayer. There were four different languages uttered in worship to God — all for the life of this baby. The power of God was manifested as the sweetest sound I have heard in my life rang throughout the clinic: the cry of a newborn girl. And to know that all this went on while her Muslim mother laid there, asking us to continue praying for her baby, little Nafissatou.

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