Bangladesh – Following Jesus by Making Friends

 The Navigators

Folks tend to have a negative view of Christians here in Bangladesh, making trust the most important component of any relationship. It is commonly assumed that all Christians are missionaries, and missionaries are severely unwelcome in some of the areas that I’ve visited. In sharing my love for Christ, I try to candidly share my life experiences, and I spend a lot of time listening.

God has placed three girls in my life and they are quickly becoming very close to my heart. Through my courses at University, English tutoring with locals, and a family friend, I have been cultivating meaningful friendships with these three young women. According to the rules of female bonding, I have plans to get lunch and go shopping with each of these dear friends.

It’s important for me to remember that this Kingdom work is all about friendship. As I grow these friendships that God has given me, I trust that He will open up conversation about following Jesus, as we go forward in this genuine friendship together.

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