Argentina – Soccer and Maté

 The Navigators

Training with a women’s professional soccer team in La Plata was one of my favorite memories in Argentina. I play soccer for the university I attend and going into the trip I hoped to play a few pick up games. But God had other plans. He opened a door for me to play every Tuesday and Thursday with these women!

No matter how nervous or tired I was before practice, God gave me the energy to jump right in as well as the ability to talk to the girls and invite them back to our apartment to drink maté, Argentine tea. I met one girl who quickly became part of my life: Marina. After practice we would walk home together, practicing our Spanish and English with each other. She was extremely patient with my great struggles in speaking her language and was very welcoming. She introduced me to all her friends, invited me to have lunch with her, and came to a few of the World Cup parties we had at Navigator staff houses. I even went to her house one night to meet her family.

Since I’ve left, Marina and her friend Agostina have continued hanging out with one of the staff couples there. I’m praying that God continues to build a friendship between them. Even if it takes years to actually have a spiritual conversation or share the Gospel in words, I’m so excited for the friendship to grow.

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