How to Personally Apply Scripture

Bible study is intended to change us. Here’s a basic step-by-step approach to applying God’s Word to our lives. Try this walkthrough yourself and pass it on in a discipleship setting.

The purpose of Bible study is to be challenged and encouraged by studying and applying God’s Word to our everyday lives. Here’s a practical approach to apply Scripture to life:

  1. Verse: Write out the verse or passage.
  2. Truth: Use your own words to state the truth of the verse.
  3. Need: Honestly assess your own life in relation to the truth of Scripture. What area of need does God’s Word expose in your life?
  4. Intent: State a specific change you want to implement in your area of need. Keep the action simple.
  5. Checkup: State how you will accomplish the goal you have set. You may want to put a reminder on your calendar or share your application with a trusted friend who will hold you accountable.

Let God use this tool in your life; this is not a self effort project. Have confidence that God is conforming you to Christ’s image and He will complete what He has started.