Struggling with Fear? Find Hope in God’s Word

Are you struggling with fear? When we take hold of God’s love, His nearness, and His sovereignty, then we have the courage to fight fear.

Are you struggling with fear? God tells us not to fear. But as long as our bravery depends on our discipline, our view of the situation, our efforts to drive worry away, this command will be impossible to live out. It is only when we take hold of His love, His nearness, and His sovereignty that we have the courage to fight fear.

1. God loves you enough to make fear obsolete. (Read 1 John 4:18,19)

The Bible tells us that there is no fear in love. When we realize how perfectly God loves us, fear is cast out. There is simply no longer room for it. We are overwhelmed with His concern for and compassion on us. We learn to see Him standing with us, arms wrapped round our trembling hearts. His realized love brings the most stunning courage.

2. God is at hand. (Read Philippians 4:5-7)

God doesn’t just say to be “anxious for nothing.” He surrounds this command with two equally bolstering truths. He is at hand . . . and He will guard our hearts and minds—the parts of us that can so often battle deep fear. Knowing He is near and ready to defend us against fear is solid comfort. (Also see Lamentations 3:57).

3. God is sovereign. (Read Romans 8:26-30)

When is the last time you pondered God’s sovereignty? Outside time, outside space, outside any boundary, God knows the end from the beginning. He knows how the pieces fit, how He will use each detail and set each brokenness right one day. As we ponder our lives and His sovereignty over them in our hearts, we start to see His plan—even as Mary did in Luke 2:19. He will not bear seeing His child face pain without ultimate purpose or victory. Rest your burdens on this.

Do you know God loves you? Take the time to search His Word for the overwhelming proof.

When you picture God, where is He? Dangling in the stratosphere with a checklist? Sitting beside you on the couch as you vent your heart? Surrounding you with a mighty army to fight your mind-battles?

Do you believe God knows more than you? Do you believe His nearness and His love make Him a good Father and a trustworthy sovereign ruler of your life?

Prayer: Jesus, help me to come to You with my fear, in full confidence that Your love holds, Your hand defends, and Your will leads to victory.

By Lorae Kinseth for The Navigators.

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