Via Affirmativa



In the opening chapters of the Bible, God is first seen as the Creator. When He names the crown of His creation—mankind—and declares that we bear His image, He is defining us as being creative at the very core of our humanity.

Via Affirmativa, which means “the way of affirmation,” seeks to affirm that creative spirit and inspire all whom we encounter to live in redemptive creativity. We are an international movement of art makers and art lovers renewing our lives through the creation and appreciation of beauty.

“The affirmative way” is not just for artists, but for everyone hungry for more beauty in their lives, for everyone who longs to receive beauty so that it transforms both them and their communities from the inside out.

We are a movement. A movement of light, language, and sound—a movement of life. We are artists united for the rehumanization of a deadened world. We want to see beauty replanted in the cultural mainstream so that all kinds of people, whether they are religious or not, can journey through beauty back to its source–the living God. We live at the intersection of faith and art. We seek to connect and champion art makers to build a beautiful world.