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Seeking God During Deployments | The Navigators Military | U.S. Navy female tactical jet aviator

Seeking God During Deployments

My first deployment at sea aboard a Navy ship was tough. I thought I had enough spiritual “momentum” built up going into it to sustain … Continue Reading
Discipling God’s Family | Navigators Neighbors | Left to right Susan and Paul Watson, Jibu and Priya Abraham and family

Discipling God’s Family

When Paul and Susan Watson were intentionally invested in spiritually, it transformed their lives, and they knew they wanted to pass on what… Continue Reading
Gospel Sweet Spot | The Navigators Collegiate Ministry | Motion Blur Of Men Playing Pickup Basketball On Playground Court

Gospel Sweet Spot

Jason Robinson’s ministry “sweet spot” is wherever athletic life happens. “For as long as I can remember, sports had been a way I … Continue Reading
The Miraculous and the Mundane | The Navigators Military | Babies and mothers meeting

The Miraculous and the Mundane

Navigator Sarah Frick sat across the table from a friend on a summer evening of Italian food and deep conversation. She began to share some … Continue Reading
Lights in the Darkness | The Navigators Collegiate Ministry | Happy friends chatting at home, having friendly talk

Lights in the Darkness

For Navigators Caroline and Nate Daman, one of the greatest thrills of ministry is watching fruit grow from a spiritual seed.… Continue Reading
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