Southeast Asia – Fruit From Tough Soil

“I have never before been so convicted to be faithful in sharing with students that God’s heart is for all people, in all corners of the world,” Emilie said after returning from a summer trip to Southeast Asia in 2009, ready to launch into her second year on staff with The Navigators’ EDGE Corps.

Three years ago, Emilie went on a short-term missions trip to a village in that same region. She and her team were hoping to engage in conversations with villagers and talk about their faith.

The problem was… no one was open to going deeper in conversation.

“We felt like we were getting nowhere,” Emilie said. “This was the first time the light of Christ had walked onto that this island, and it was very tough soil.”

Frustrated, she got on her knees to talk it over with God. “Emilie, have MY eyes to see the work here,” the Lord spoke to her heart.

“He brought me to a place of trusting in His work, no matter what results I saw,” Emilie said. And she prayed that God might also graciously show her some part of what He was up to.

Three years later, Emilie was back in Southeast Asia. “To my excitement, and against a lot of odds, my team was headed back to the same exact village of ‘no results’!” Emilie said.

All over the village, Emilie and her team found soft and open hearts.

“A lot of us were able to pray and share Scripture in all types of settings,” Emilie said. And while they were there, the first islander in that village accepted Jesus as Savior!

“I couldn’t believe my eyes,” Emilie said. “And I couldn’t believe the kindness of the God who had sent me back to see the fruit of His work. He didn’t have to, but He did.”

Now, back on campus, Emilie is more passionate than ever about investing in the lives of students and sharing what she’s learned about God’s kindness.

“His heart is especially for those without the rich heritage of our own country, those who’ve never been able to hear truth and believe Jesus.”


  1. My spiritual “Mom and Dad” went to Asia approx. 50 years ago as Navigators. My guess is that their prayers for Asia are still being answered today. It was wonderful to read about Asia today.

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