Navigators Church Ministries

Navigators Church Ministries (NCM) comes alongside church leaders to provide discipleship training, coaching, resources, and encouragement. NCM’s mission is to see every church sending everyday disciplemakers, to transform people everywhere. NCM does this by helping pastors identify core teams of people ready to make discipleship part of their church’s culture, not just the concern of a few.

“Navigators Church Ministries helps pastors and churches transition to Jesus-style disciplemaking. The NCM team is very good in guiding and helping pastors and their teams to know what shifts need to be made and how to make them. I love their approach to starting with a core.”

Bobby Harrington, Pastor and Executive Director of, Harpeth Christian Church, Nashville

NCM can help churches along any of three pathways to develop disciplemaking cultures that impact their world: growing intentional disciplemaking cultures, life and leadership coaching, and everyday disciplemakers. Together we partner with church leaders to build disciplemaking cultures that will transform their communities.