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In Their Own Words

“I spent 40 years, 10 months and 2 days in the Army National Guard and Army Reserves. Servicemen and women became a part of my extended … Continue Reading

Did You Know?

In just four years, 430 recent college graduates have participated in EDGE Corps. They serve on a campus for a one- to two-year internship … Continue Reading

Spreading Beyond Expectation

As Chris looked at the photo, he couldn’t believe his eyes. Sixty students from Apple Valley High School (a public school) gathered at … Continue Reading
three people reading Bibles

Know Thy Neighbor

Nav Neighbors equips believers to engage like Jesus would Would Jesus have known His neighbors? Not just their names or their mailbox … Continue Reading
three people reading Bibles

Home Again

With a Difference It’s not unusual for college freshmen to get homesick. But when Cesar Hernandez moved from San Antonio, Texas, to Cedar … Continue Reading

In Their Own Words

Cross Cultural Love During our time in Southeast Asia, one of our language tutors couldn’t figure out why all eight of us were so polite … Continue Reading
three people reading Bibles

Atlanta: Five Contexts, One Goal

When the Atlanta Navs launched Collegiate Navs and Nav20s ministries two years ago, there was one goal: spiritual generations. Today, with … Continue Reading
three people reading Bibles

All In for All Nations

What drove Jesus from heaven to earth was His heart for people from every tribe, tongue, and nation,” says Mark Lewis, director of The … Continue Reading
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