The Names of Jesus

In the Scriptures, someone’s name had great significance — it was intended to reflect that person’s character. Learn what Jesus’ names tell us about Him through this helpful study guide. Use it for your personal study, for discipleship, or with a group.

What The Names of Jesus Tell Us About His Character

If we want to be like Jesus—if we want our lives to reflect His character—we need to know more about what He was like. In the Scriptures, someone’s name had great significance. A name wasn’t simply how you identified someone. It was intended to reflect that person’s character—to tell a story about that person. That’s why the names given to Jesus were so significant. They tell us His story and give us a picture of what He was like.

Each name of Jesus recorded in Scripture is a window through which we see Him more clearly. Seeing Him more clearly leads to knowing Him better. And knowing Him better is critical in order to reflect His character to the world around us.

Explore The Names Of Jesus

For each of the following Scriptures listed below answer five questions.



Answer the following questions about each verse listed above.

  • What is the name used for Jesus?
  • What does this name reveal about Jesus’ calling?
  • How is this name of Jesus particularly meaningful to you?
  • How should knowing this about Jesus affect your actions and attitude?

Making It Personal

After you’ve worked through the chart, answer the following application questions.

  1. What new observations did you make about Jesus?
  2. When you think about Jesus’ character traits, are there one or two that are particularly inspiring or challenging to you? Explain.
  3. How can you become more like Jesus in one of these areas? What specific steps can you take? How will you evaluate your progress?