Telling His Story by Telling Yours

Ever wonder how to go about sharing the Good News? Telling His Story by Telling Yours provides a template to help you share your personal testimony. No one else shares the unique combination of where you live and work, places you frequent and interactions you have each day. These not only form your story but also your opportunities to share the Gospel.

People hangout together at coffee shop

As Christians, each and every one of us has a testimony—a story of the way that Christ has worked in our lives. Regardless of your background or past, God wants to use the stories of both hardship and victory in our lives to transform the lives of those around us. It is truly beautiful how He can redeem even the most difficult parts of our lives and use them to impact others for the Kingdom. By telling your story, you truly are telling His story!

Telling His Story by Telling Yours (see below) is a helpful Navigator resource, written by Joe Maschhoff, that provides an easy-to-use template for using your story to tell others about Jesus. Below is a brief excerpt of practical tips for sharing your story.

  1. Live your life.
  2. Go out of your way to show dignity to others.
  3. Be alert for opportunities to go deeper with them.
  4. Listen well.
  5. Share your story, but leave room for conversation.
  6. Stop telling your story when it leads into other people telling theirs.
  7. Enter into their story.
  8. Share truth, but don’t be concerned if you can’t get into the whole thing yet.