Give From Your Donor-Advised Fund

What’s a Donor-Advised Account?

These convenient, tax-smart solutions let you enjoy more flexibility to strategically plan your giving over years. With a DAF account, you can contribute cash, securities, or appreciated assets. Think of it as a “generosity savings account” that makes you eligible for an immediate, current-year tax deduction, even if you choose to make gifts to The Navigators and other organizations over several years. And it’s all summarized into one annual tax receipt based on the deposits into your DAF each year.

Donating from your Donor-Advised Fund made easy!

If you’ve made the wise choice of using a Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) to manage your giving, we want to help you take full advantage of that fund when you support The Navigators and our ministries.

With your DAF giving account, you can make an incredible impact on the growth of God’s kingdom. Please have your fund send the gifts to this address for priority processing:

The Navigators
PO Box 50500
Colorado Springs, CO 80949

The convenient links below will connect you directly to your DAF login and make your gift even easier.

You can also give from your National Christian Foundation account.