What Are Spiritual Generations?

How did you first learn about Jesus?

Whether you heard about Jesus recently or have known Him for years, there is a story of the people in your life and how they shared the gospel with you. Similar to a family tree but it is your spiritual family tree!

You may not know why they were prompted to share their faith, but you saw something different in them. You wondered about how they made their decisions and wanted the joy they had, it’s almost like they were magnetic and you couldn’t get enough time with them. 

Did you know that you, too, can be this for someone else? God set it up so we would be intentionally discipled and in turn could disciple someone else. 

This is what we call spiritual generations. Much like your biological family tree, you also have a spiritual family tree. It’s filled with branches of those who have discipled you, been discipled by you, and those who now intentionally invest in someone because of the discipleship you gave them. 

Discover the spiritual heritage you are a part of and the importance of passing on this legacy—creating spiritual generations of those who know Christ and make Him known.