How to Face Anxiety With Hope in God: A Free 7-Day Devotional

Would you like to know God more and see your prayer life grow along the way?

Anxiety is no laughing matter. Times are tough, and the stresses of life can make you feel trapped in a cycle of overwhelming worry. Anxiety can grow inside us like a contagion as we battle external stress and internal doubt. Anxiety doesn’t just go away with techniques and determination. The only way to face anxiety head on is with HOPE.

That’s why Jesus made it a special point to talk about worry and anxiety in His teachings. Jesus knew that the better we know our Lord and Savior, the more hope we will have to face our daily worries and fears. In Matthew 6, Jesus draws us back to our Father in Heaven, the One who sees us, knows our needs, and provides hope.

What we find in Matthew 6 isn’t a promise to remove all of our anxieties, but something far greater: a loving God who loves us right where we are in life, and gives us hope to persevere.

This is why we created How to Face Anxiety With Hope in God. In this free week-long devotional plan, you’ll take a few minutes each day to discover how the best way to face anxiety is to know God more deeply. In this How to Face Anxiety With Hope in God devotional, we will:

  • Provide sections of Matthew 6 and related passages to read on the topic of anxiety.
  • Provide practical and relatable devotionals that get to the heart of facing anxiety with hope in God.

We pray this devotional will draw you closer to God and give you a deeper understanding of who He is so that you can walk in faith believing His promises. Our prayer is for this resource to inspire and equip you as a disciplemaker, remembering you have what it takes to invite others to follow Jesus with you in everyday life.

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