Practical Ideas for Beginning Discipleship

You long to grow in your relationship with Christ and help others on their journey as well. But what this looks like in your day-to-day life isn’t always clear. 

This is why The Navigators partnered with Barna Group, a visionary research and resource company, to pinpoint the opportunities and obstacles around disciplemaking. Whether it’s finding faith-filled friends or incorporating discipleship into your weekly routine, we want to give you those next steps for making discipleship a reality in your everyday life. 

In the Growing Together eBook, you will receive exclusive free sample content from the NEW book, Growing Together: A Three-Part Guidebook for Following Jesus and Bringing Friends on the Journey. 

We’ve also included practical ideas for beginning discipleship today and creating natural rhythms of discipleship throughout your week. 

Here are a few questions we will address in the free Growing Together eBook: 

  • What could discipleship look like?
  • What’s the biggest obstacle and opportunity to discipleship?
  • Who could you invite into discipleship?

You have what it takes to grow in Christ and help others do the same! Take your next step today.

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