Trusting God in the Storm:
Session One

Welcome to Session 1 of the Trusting God in the Storm devotional series with Mike Jordahl by The Navigators. In this lesson, you’ll be reminded that Jesus has promised always to be with you.

Video Points

  • The Bible tells us that if you hear the voice of the Lord, do not harden your heart.
  • The Lord is the God of today.
  • No matter what is going on in your life or in the world, Jesus has promised that He will be with you always.

Memory Verse

“And lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:20 NAS

Today’s Reading

Job 1:1-21



Mass killings in workplaces, livelihood and finances wiped out, loss of family, disease—imagine one of these happening to you. Or maybe you don’t have to imagine.

These hit Job all at once, including the sudden loss of all his children. When the whirlwind of external forces whip life around until it’s unrecognizable, we’re likely to experience fear, anxiety, acute pain, and deep sorrow.

How do we take setbacks and deal with our emotions? Job’s world completely fell apart, his livestock—a kind of 401K—and loved ones suddenly wiped out. In his book, The Bible Jesus Read, Philip Yancey calls Job’s experience “a cosmic drama.” Job felt life’s devastation just as we might: agony, confusion, misery. Rather than stoically denying his emotions during his trials, Job expressed his grief the way others might have in his time. He tore his clothes, shaved his head, and fell to the ground. Yet Job acknowledged God’s gifts and praised Him. He had plenty of questions, and later took them directly to God. But in today’s passage he refuses to blame the Creator for the devastation all around him.

Promising his disciples an Advocate and peace amid turmoil, Jesus said, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world” (John 16:7,33). Jesus promises His disciples that we’ll face life crises, which can turn into crises of faith as well.

What whirlwind have you experienced recently? How did you express your anguish and faith? Do you want to try praying Job’s prayer (Job 1:21)?

Questions for Thought

  1. What does it mean to harden your heart when you hear the voice of God?
  2. How does Jesus’s promise to always be with you make you feel at this moment?
  3. Are there often times when it seems like you are all alone? What is the best thing to do during those times?