Trusting God in the Storm:
Session Five

Welcome to Session 5 of the Trusting God in the Storm devotional series with Mike Jordahl by The Navigators. This session will remind and encourage you that you are both understood and loved by God.

Video Points

  • God is intimately acquainted with you and understands you.
  • God understands you better than you yourself do.
  • We can find comfort and relief in God’s knowledge and acceptance of us.

Memory Verse

You understand my thought from afar.” Psalm 139:3 NAS

Today’s Reading

1 Samuel 16

1 Samuel 26

Psalm 27


Waiting for God

Waiting. Hanging on. Longing for something positive to happen. You want to brave tough times, but sometimes it seems as if they will never end.

David had already passed up one chance to kill King Saul (1 Samuel 24), yet Saul continued wasting Israel’s military chasing David as an enemy of the state. Anointed as a young shepherd to ascend to Israel’s throne, David had already served Saul as a court musician and decorated soldier. Yet now David lived as a fugitive, awaiting God’s clear blessing rather than wresting the throne from Saul’s desperate clutches.

Instead of grasping for royalty, David held to his patience and convictions. Even when he caught Saul asleep again, this time with Abishai salivating at the opportunity to end Saul’s life and David’s problems, David waited. He wasn’t just waiting for something to happen—he was waiting for God, seeking His face and His goodness (Psalm 27:8,13-14).

How can you patiently seek God’s face today? What deep desires can you bring to Him? What are you waiting for?

Questions for Thought

  1. Does the fact that God understands your thinking cause you to feel at ease or uncomfortable? Why?
  2. Apart from God, who would you say knows and understands you best? Is that a good thing?
  3. Does the realization that God knows and understands you so well inspire you to want to know and understand Him better?