Navigator Ministries

The Navigators is a is a ministry marked foremost by its mission to love and serve Christ through discipleship—a call to discover life to the fullest. By teaching the life-giving application of Scripture in daily life, The Navigators’ goal is to carry forward Christ’s instructions to make disciples who in turn make other disciples. Whether in Collegiate, Military or International sectors, our ministries reach out to meet the broken and wandering at every intersection of life.

Right now more than 21.6 million students on college campuses across the nation are learning the ideas and values that will form the cornerstone that the rest of life will build on. Many are spiritually hungry for truth. By carrying out The Navigators mission of discipleship, our desire is to see students place Christ as the cornerstone of life.

The Metro Mission is a ministry of The Navigators. The Navigators is about knowing Christ and making Him known. We also want to help you, to help others, who will also help others to do the same. We focus in metropolitan areas across the U.S.

The core of The Navigators mission is to advance the Gospel into the nations through discipleship. From the first Navigator missionary’s journey to China in 1949 to now more than 1,100 cross-cultural missionaries in 107 countries, we live to bring the joy of Christ to every corner of the earth. Join us as we serve.

Imagine thousands of courageous men and women of all races and ranks following Jesus, representing Him through relationships where they live, work, and train for war, both at home and on deployment. Imagine no more. Welcome to our Navs Military ministry.

CDM is deeply committed to serving pastors and ministry leaders from churches around the world with the goal of spiritual transformation. We help churches and groups develop three intentional environments: 1) intimacy with God, 2) community environments of grace and truth, and 3) living and ministering among those distant from God.

We want the 20s generation to be fruitful lifetime laborers who love Christ and have the savvy to follow Him in a lost world. The Nav20s are committed to seeing this happen among the 20s of our cities—where they live, work, and play.

Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Glen Eyrie Conference Center is a haven where visitors can spend time away from the demands of life. From Christ-focused writers’ workshops to marriage retreats, the castle and grounds at Glen Eyrie offer rare and unique ways to slow down and reconnect with God.

The outdoor adventure programs of our Eagle Lake Camps unveil the wonder of God’s creation. By infusing incredible camping experiences with deep spiritual truths that kids remember forever, Eagle Lake Camps blend fun and spiritual growth into the best camp experience ever. Does it get any better than that?

The NavPress mission is to advance the calling of The Navigators by bringing biblically rooted, culturally relevant, and highly practical products to people who want to know and love Christ more deeply. Through The Message Bible and other insightful resources, NavPress seeks to bring positive spiritual movement to peoples’ lives.