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Discipleship changes everything. On campus, we see lost students who need to find the hope that comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ. We see students who are ready to grow in their walks with God, and the incredible potential of young men and women ignited for Him and His work. As one of the primary sources of thriving fellowship for over twelve thousand students on 160 campuses across the nation, The Navigators Collegiate ministry serves as an open door to share Jesus with between forty and fifty thousand others each year through life-on-life relationships, recreations and discipleship. During these crucial years of life, when views on self-identity, relationships and religion are solidified, our goal is to equip students with the skills and tools for them to advance the Gospel wherever life leads. We strive to produce men and women with strong characters and humble hearts. If it sounds ambitious, that’s because it is. And there is absolutely nothing we would rather do.

If you’re a student in college and you’re looking for a community to grow with, laugh with, and live life with—see if there is a Navs group on your campus, or check out the opportunities to invest your summer well with The Navigators.

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Collegiate Stories

When we think about discipleship we often picture one-on-one relationships, but how are these relationships to be understood within the context of community? Dave Wirgau examines Hebrews 10:24-25, breaking down the “let us” statements...

What would you do if a young woman who is blind sat down next to you as you were discussing the story of Jesus healing a blind man?

So, what’s it like, life after college? It’s a little bit of everything: new schedules, new friends, new places, old likes, old challenges… and the same passion to walk with Christ, find community, find meaningful work and...

You’ve finished that last tough exam, packed your dorm room into your car (and also your parent’s car), and are driving down the highway towards home. With high hopes and months stretching endlessly ahead, you can’t wait to...