Leann Sebald

About Leann Sebald

I have served with The Navigators collegiate ministry at New York University since 2014. I am from a small town in Pennsylvania and made the big move to NYC to attend college. Living here for a number of years has given me a big heart for cities and an understanding of the great impact of urban ministry.

I love coming alongside someone in their most formative years to help them process their identity and walk with God. My life was changed in high school by having someone regularly speak into my walk with God, read the Bible with me and teach me about grace. When I met The Navigators in college they taught me the vision of life-to-life® discipleship found in Scripture and I realized for the first time that I could reproduce the life change I’d personally experienced in others by discipling them. And because I have seen how transformational it is, I have not stopped being passionate about Jesus’ call to “go and make disciples” as He did (Matthew 28:19).

NYC has a particular need for deep, personal investment in others; it can be an extremely busy, transient and isolating place. This was something I really wrestled through as a lonely freshman attending college in the city. Now, as full-time staff with The Navigators and a Brooklyn resident, I have the opportunity to break through some of the city’s barriers by actively pursuing relationships with students on campus and loving my neighbors to advance the Gospel of Jesus.