Paul and Aimee Petersen

About Paul and Aimee Petersen

Hi! We are Paul and Aimee Petersen, and we’re thrilled to be serving God with The Navigators at the University of Colorado Boulder. It’s an exciting time to be living and working at the University of Colorado Boulder. The soil is hard and the spiritual climate is dark, but God is working in big ways at CU. Boulder is a difficult place for believers to live out their faith, but the unique environment at CU cultivates a deep and thriving relationship with God and equips students to become lifelong laborers for the gospel.

This next year, we’re praying for a harvest of new believers to become the future of our ministry at CU, and a thriving community of believers who are sold out to advancing the Kingdom of God into our campus and into the nations. Would you join us in supporting the work God is doing at CU? Thank you!