Josh Bucher

About Josh Bucher

Hi, I’m Josh! I am originally from Sioux Falls, SD and graduated from South Dakota State University with a degree in Geography. After four years of participating in The Navigators as a student, I felt God’s call for me to join The Navigators as staff. What I love most about being with The Navigators is meeting students and helping them grow in their faith with God. Most students who come to the University of Minnesota as freshmen have never even studied the Bible on their own before, even if they grew up in the church. The best part about being on campus every day is walking alongside students through life-on-life discipleship, Bible study, and helping students do the same with others. I see the college campus as a highly strategic place to build up students to be lifelong disciple-makers for God’s Kingdom as they graduate and spread out into the workplace, neighborhoods, and churches all around the United States and the world!