Vivian Christmas

About Vivian Christmas

I met The Navigators as a college freshman in 2007. Four years later, in 2011, I couldn’t resist the call of God when He invited me to come on staff. The joy in Isaiah’s response to God when he said “Here am I, send me!” gave me faith to move forward. I love getting to serve on campus, helping women know Jesus and helping them to help others do the same.

The Navigators Collegiate Mission helps college students meet the Living God. We want to equip students to spend the rest of their lives getting to know Jesus and helping others around them know Him as well. I believe that the impact of our Collegiate ministry far exceeds the students we meet – it multiplies through their families, communities, churches, workplaces, and other relational networks, as these students give their own lives to making disciples.

We have weekly Bible studies, large group meetings, conferences, retreats, and workshops, all with one aim: that the gospel would get to every nation. How? Through the slow and steady Life-to-Life multiplication of the gospel. We help students know Jesus, they help someone else, they help someone else. I love getting to be a part of something big that God is doing – and see Him raise up a new generation to follow Him!