Mitch and Jaylene Williamson

About Mitch and Jaylene Williamson

Mitch and Jaylene Williamson joined the OSU Navigators staff in 2018. One of their roles is training staff in the mission of The Navigators which is To know Christ, to make Him known, and to help others do the same. Mitch became a Christian his Freshman year of college by the combination of reading the Bible with a Navigator and watching his close friend live out faith in Jesus. Jaylene was raised in a Christian home with the orientation of loving God and helping others.

Mitch & Jaylene met at a Texas school during Jaylene’s last semester of college and Mitch’s first year of a Navigator internship. Both wanted the full package of what being a Navigator staff person entailed: personal and professional development, as well as the opportunities to invest in college students. Before coming to OSU they ministered as campus directors for nine years since joining staff in 2004.

They have three children: Joshua (May 2011), Rebekah (April 2013), and Ezra (July 2016). Fun Facts: Mitch had a blue mohawk during his first year in college. Jaylene was raised on a ranch in the panhandle of Oklahoma that was 20 miles from town.