Paul Krueger

About Paul Krueger

Paul and Peri Krueger have been on The Navigators staff since 1990 pioneering new ministries with people that prefer not to learn by reading which is over 52 percent of USA cities and two thirds of the world. Working with The Navigators ministry to marginalized people groups maximizes their cross cultural ministry experience and gifting.

Current target ministry: Coaching discipleship leaders as they work with 22 local small groups meeting weekly. Conducting fathering weekend seminars for inmates to learn how to be better dads when they return home in the next 18 months.

Personal: They home schooled 4 children through high school. Paul grew up without a father, Peri’s brothers and sisters have shattered marriages which puts us in touch with the vast majority of families today. Areas of strength include discipleship, reaching other cultures, innovation in ministry, and developing partnerships.