The Wheel Illustration Gets a Fifth Spoke

Today The Navigators would like to announce that the ministry will be changing The Wheel illustration to include a fifth spoke. Effective immediately the spokes now consist of The Word, Prayer, Witnessing, Fellowship, and Ultimate Frisbee. The hub of the wheel, Christ, and the rim, “The Obedient Christian in Action,” remain unchanged.

The Wheel Illustration Gets a Fifth Spoke: Ultimate Frisbee

The decision whether or not to make a change to the classic diagram was not taken lightly, having proven to be an effective discipleship tool for illuminating the keys of the Christian life. The addition of the Ultimate Frisbee spoke underscores Paul’s assertion that physical training is of some value (1 Timothy 4:8). Furthermore, Nav leadership felt that the similarities between a round wheel and a round frisbee were not to be ignored.

It has been 46 years since The Wheel illustration was last altered. Throughout that time the integral importance of Ultimate Frisbee has always been implied through devout dedication to the sport by those involved with The Navigators. Its official inclusion in The Wheel illustration removes all doubt of its significance, both spiritually and recreationally.

The revision has not come without its detractors. Hikers at Glen Eyrie report hearing a loud spinning sound near Dawson Trotman’s gravesite.

This is the fifth major iteration of The Wheel illustration. Click here to read a thorough history of The Wheel illustration.


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