New York City

A Church of Disciplemakers

Pastor Cliff is training and equipping generations of new disciplemakers in the community where he was born and raised—Brooklyn, New York.… Continue Reading

Hope in the Hard Places

Where can hope be found in a neighborhood where it is not safe to go outside? For Beloved, it was in the darkness of a prison cell.… Continue Reading

Limited Time, Eternal Impact

In Navigators Collegiate ministry, the Luebes are aware of the limited time they have to make an impact when discipling young adults in NYC.… Continue Reading

God’s Presence in School

Through The Navigators Bible club that meets at her local public school, Mari is learning to read and reflect on what God is saying to her.… Continue Reading

Texting Truth

Usually the domain of memes, logistical planning, and witty banter, texting isn’t often associated with spreading the Gospel. But NYU Navs… Continue Reading
three people reading Bibles

The Intelligent Christian

Christianity is the single most intellectually cohesive and emotionally satisfying worldview in existence. But that is not the perception.… Continue Reading