Dick and Marti Stum

About Dick and Marti Stum

Within Navigators Neighbors, Marti and I minister to teenagers. We call it Next Generation. We have been ministering to teenagers for over 40 years, and like other Navigator ministries we do it one life at a time. Yes we have group meetings and Bible study discussion, but the core of what we do centers around individual relationships with teens within our ministry to help them come to know Christ personally and then to develop that relationship intimately.

We are a community based ministry that includes students from a variety of churches or no church at all, public and private schools and even those who are home schooled. It has been our privilege for a while now to minister to the second generation of students, the sons and daughters of former students from decades past.

You may have heard that this generation of students is rejecting faith, but our experience is that want just want a faith that is real and relational, not institutional and cold. They need a true relationship with Jesus Christ that is relevant and vital. That is what we help them to find.