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About Mike and Nancy Jordahl

Mike Jordahl and his wife Nancy live in Colorado Springs where Mike currently serves as a Senior Vice President for The Navigators and leads National Staff Recruiting.  Mike met Christ as a high school senior living in Madrid, Spain and then was helped by Navigators at Illinois State University to grow as a Christ-follower and disciplemaker.

Mike and Nancy have served on The Navigator staff since 1981 in Iowa, Kansas, Massachusetts and now, Colorado.  They ministered among students for 27 years and then among 20’s for five years. Mike has served as the National Collegiate Director, the director of CityLife, and since 2013 he has been a Senior Vice President, serving on the National Leadership Team as a US Field Director and then the director of Staff Development and now as the director of National Recruiting.

A sought-after Navigator speaker, Mike is passionate about helping ordinary men and women get to know God and grow to the point where they can then help others around them also meet and get to know God.


March 21, 2021

As I write, Nancy is in the second week of being with her father in Princeton, IL. (As soon as they both had their Covid vaccines Nancy made plans to be with him!) They are enjoying each other's company and Nancy has also had fun with her sisters & others.

After I shared some discouragement with you last month, several wrote to encourage me to press on in all the Lord has for me. Thank you!

I experienced Hebrews 3:13 being put into practice, "But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called "Today," so that none of you may be hardened by sin's deceitfulness."

The word "encourage" is sometimes translated "comfort" or "exhort" and it carries the idea of "giving courage" or "giving hope" to another.

These days, with vitriol often being spewed on television, social media and on our streets, I want to be a courage-giver to others, not one who beats others down and drains them of hope.

Please pray I will be a true encourager of others – among my family, in The Navigators, in my church and neighborhood – and with you! (I will pray the same for you!)

Very gratefully,
Mike and Nancy
NLT Offsite
Thank you for praying for our offsite. What an honor to serve & lead The US Navigators with these gifted friends.

We prayed, studied the Word, did a bit of planning but mostly focused on listening to the Lord and to one another.

Prayer Focus

1. Recruiting Planning – Seems there is always more to do! With restrictions starting to lift, we are considering when to bring Navigator recruiters all together. Ask the Lord to give us His wisdom and timing.

2. Stand in The Gap – Thank you for praying for the March 6 Stand in the Gap! Each of the 26 participants has a Pathway Coach who is helping them discern if the Lord is in their joining Navigator staff. Pray for the Pathway Coaches and for each of the participants, especially the six who will apply to join us soon and the six others who say they would like to join us sometime this year or so.

3. Mentoring – Each month both Nancy and I formally and informally mentor younger friends. Pray for me as I meet regularly with Austin and with Paul, two gifted young men who each carry significant responsibility in The Navigators.

4. Speaking – This month I will speak twice (virtually both times) on March 31: at our Headquarters "Nav Chapel" Easter celebration and to students involved with The Navigators at Wichita State. Pray I will be filled with the Holy Spirit, honor the Lord and bring hope and help to all who hear me.

5. Ben – Please join us in praying for Ben, the son of our Navigator colleagues & friends, Alan and Connie. Ben, in his mid-20s, developed a serious staph infection last week that is impacting his heart, brain and several other places in his body. Pray for the drugs to work, for his complete healing and for God's mercy on him and his family.

February 23, 2021

Last week, after what felt like some setbacks in our recruiting efforts, I was a bit discouraged. I asked the Lord, "Why am I doing this anyway?"

I complained, "Lord, today I would much rather be making disciples and raising up disciplemakers than leading this recruiting effort." I reminded him that I love reading the Bible with barely-believing or not-yet-believing men! And that Nancy and I both love studying the Bible with young believers – helping them grow to the place where they can help others also meet and grow in Christ who will then do the same with still others.

Eventually, I asked God to let me know his thoughts about me and my leadership responsibilities.

As I exhaled in his presence, scripture and memories came to mind. I sensed him reminding me that I serve as a leader in The Navigators so that many, many generations of men and women will thrive in following Christ and in making disciples who make disciples who make disciples all over the world.

He reminded me that Jesus meant it when he said, "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…" (Matthew 28:19a)

As I told him "Yes Lord, I will do my part," I sensed His pleasure.

Our hearts burn with this vision of generational disciple making. Please pray we will faithfully do our part to provide the necessary leadership to empower many Navigator staff and others to make disciples who make disciples of all nations. Thank you!

For both Nancy and me,

Funding Update
Thank you, thank you! Over the past month, gifts for our ministry continued to come in. When combined with what we anticipate in monthly and other support, we will be well-funded through the summer!

Prayer Focus
1. Recruiting Planning – Over the next few weeks, our National Recruiting Team will meet with various Navigator ministries. We walk a delicate line of serving them while also leading them in our recruiting efforts. Pray we will be filled with the Holy Spirit in every interaction.

2. Stand in The Gap – The next online Stand in The Gap will take place Saturday, March 6, 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. MST. This event is for committed Christ followers who are considering serving as Navigators Field staff. Pray God will lead each participant!

3. National Leadership Team – We are going out of town for our NLT Offsite from March 7 – 12. Along with the planning we always do, we'll spend focused time in the Gospel of John and also discuss the book The Culture by James C. Hunter. A highlight will be welcoming our new team member, Andrew Ginsburg, who will join us as our Chief Development Officer! Pray we will listen closely to the Lord and to each other during this time.

4. Sad News – This weekend we got the very sad news that a friend we have known since he was a freshman at KU (from our student ministry days) lost his life on Saturday while skiing in Colorado with a group of men from his church. Jeff leaves behind his wife Kathleen and three children – Katelynn (21), Ashley (19) and Tommy (16).) Please keep them in your prayers. Thanks.

Exciting News
On January 24, Dan called and shared his plan to Dan and Lauren are engaged to be married1!
propose to Lauren Cline on January 30. He asked if we would fly to Orlando to meet Lauren's family & help them celebrate. Of course, we were thrilled to do so!

We love Lauren and rejoice that the Lord has led them together! The happy couple are now planning their wedding.

After we were with them, we practiced one of my "life rules" – If you go to Florida for any reason, you must also to go to the beach! Ahhh…

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