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About Mike and Nancy Jordahl

Mike Jordahl and his wife Nancy live in Colorado Springs where Mike currently serves as a Senior Vice President for The Navigators and leads National Staff Recruiting.  Mike met Christ as a high school senior living in Madrid, Spain and then was helped by Navigators at Illinois State University to grow as a Christ-follower and disciplemaker.

Mike and Nancy have served on The Navigator staff since 1981 in Iowa, Kansas, Massachusetts and now, Colorado.  They ministered among students for 27 years and then among 20’s for five years. Mike has served as the National Collegiate Director, the director of CityLife, and since 2013 he has been a Senior Vice President, serving on the National Leadership Team as a US Field Director and then the director of Staff Development and now as the director of National Recruiting.

A sought-after Navigator speaker, Mike is passionate about helping ordinary men and women get to know God and grow to the point where they can then help others around them also meet and get to know God.


December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas!

As I sat in silence waiting for sunrise this morning, the Lord brought you to mind and I prayed for you. As you go through today and the weekend, please know how grateful we are for you and your friendship – and for how you stand with us in our lives and ministry.

Nancy and I are really looking forward to sharing a quiet Christmas day at home.

Whether your day is quiet or if it will be full of the joyful noises of family and friends, we pray God will bless you today.

Nancy and I both send our love,

PS – Over the past month I have been reflecting on the advent of Christ as a direct response to the advent of the serpent in Genesis 3. Some of my reflections are below.


The War-Whoop of the Angels

It strikes me that the angels’ words in Luke 2:14 “Glory to God in the highest” were more of a victorious battle cry than a cherub-like choir “sweetly singing o’er the plain.”

The advent (arrival) of the Christ, the Holy One, in Luke 2 was in direct response to the advent of the serpent, the evil one, in Genesis 3.

The arrival of the evil one ushered in the first negative emotion recorded in Scripture, “I was afraid…”. Adam’s fear was accompanied by lies, deceit, confusion, shame, relational brokenness with God, marital strife and the seeds of immense generational sorrow.

The arrival of the Holy One was a declaration that the God of the ages had punched through our space, time, and history to fight back against the terrible pain that arrived in Genesis 3.

The promised Holy One came to conquer the evil one! Upon his arrival, the epic and cosmic battle of the ages took a turn in our favor.

That is what the angels were whooping about! Peace had arrived! His name was Jesus. (Ephesians 2:14 – "for he himself is our peace…")

Somehow it makes Christmas more meaningful to me this year. And it motivates me to do my part in the spiritual war we are all engaged in.

Let's share in the victorious war-whoop!

And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased.”
Luke 2:13,14

December 14, 2020

December Stoplight 2020
Mike & Nancy Jordahl
Please pray for us when God brings us to mind at a stoplight.

In spite of (and sometimes because of) the challenges of this year, we are honored and humbled that God continues to use us!

We keep finding new opportunities to reach out to neighbors. And we enjoy virtually leading our church community group. Nancy loves being part of two other bible studies, one of which she leads. And, it continues to be an honor for me to be invited to speak to various Nav ministries, to share in the overall leadership of the US Navigators and to give focused leadership to National Recruiting.

To continue serving and leading as we do, we need some help…

As 2020 winds down and we prepare for 2021, will you please consider making a special gift to our ministry? Any gift you make this month will help us finish 2020 with strength and launch us well into 2021!

Typically, when combined with the generous regular gifts we receive, we need about $55,000 of special and one-time gifts in December and January to cover our salary, benefits, administrative charges and ministry expenses through most of the following year.

This year, some of our faithful investors needed to reduce or stop their giving as a result of the pandemic, so our needs are even greater.

Will you help us by making a special gift to our ministry in the next month or so? BUT, please don’t feel any pressure from this request. As always, we believe God will meet our needs in exactly the ways he chooses.

You can make a secure, online gift by clicking the link on this webpage.

It may be beneficial for some to give appreciated securities, including stocks or bonds, instead of cash. This link explains the benefits of and how to do this: Give a gift of Stock

We pray the Lord will meet all of your needs even as we ask you to consider being a part of meeting our needs.

May he hold you close and remind you often of his love and good purposes for you this Christmas season.

For both Nancy and me,

PS – This month, when we come to mind, please simply ask the Holy Spirit to show you what to pray for us. We are confident he will guide you!

Thank you for praying for Stand in the Gap!
28 prospective Navigator Staff joined us for this online Recruiting event. (After our event in August, we made this one a bit more selective.) Several gifted men and women are in the process of joining our staff now.

It was fun to watch the Stand in the Gap team pull the whole event off so well!

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