Hal and Karen Jensen

About Hal and Karen Jensen

Hal and Karen Jensen live in Ewa Beach, Hawaii. They are Senior Staff and Discipleship Mentors who have served in several Navigator Missions including Collegiate Navs, Navs Military, Navigator Church Ministries and ethnic ministries.

Hal and Karen pioneered a ministry to Native Americans on the Navajo and White Mountain Apache Reservations. They helped disciple several Mexican and Guatemalans who are now laboring among Hispanics in Arizona. Hal also helped build small groups at Saddleback Church, serving Rick Warren for 4 years.

Three words summarize the core of the Great Commission- Evangelism, Establishing, and Equipping. Here is a call to a life worth living from a couple who are living it. After 54 years of ministry, Hal and Karen have made themselves available to serve pastors and leaders in Hawaii They are in the Nav Encore Mission and are committed to lifetime laboring and finishing strong.